Lovely fiber is the name of the alpaca game!

I am a spinner and I love, love,love the feel of alpaca running through my fingers - but I can't keep up with 24 animals - so i have lots of raw fiber for sale.

Raw alpaca prime blankets - grade 2 or 3, white and several shades of brown, grey, and fawn - $20 per pound +  shipping (a pound of alpaca is a lot of fiber.)

Raw alpaca seconds - $10 per pound + shipping.  Seconds are fiber skirted from the blanket as well as fiber from the neck and hip. Great fiber for socks, hats and crafts.  Several colors

Yarn - handspun in several natural .  colors.  Skeins priced by length - most cost between $14 - $20.  Shipping extra. 

Thanks for looking.

Tel: 308-424-1031  |  e-mail: bjneth49@gmail.com

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