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Our girls are registered and very healthy.  Our proven gals had easy deliveries, fantastic mothering skills, and plenty of milk.  The maidens are ready to begin their breeding career. They will make great additions to your herd or wonderful foundation animals.  Lots of color!



Tia is the beautiful daughter of  Posiden's White Diamond and Tickle Me Pink. She is a bit shy, but her presence, conformation, and fiber are stunning.  



ARI #  32775914




Daughter of full Peruvian, Celine and Aladdin, Callie is a wonderfully attentive mom with lots to offer at the milk bar and passes crimpy fiber to her crias.   

DOB:  09/02012

ARI# 32494723




The most beautiful girl in our herd, Touche is a gorgeous silver grey who looks like she hired a make up artist to apply black eyeliner to her lovey dark eyes.  She has produced outstanding crias - great conformation and color.  She is an excellent mother - easy births, healthy crias,  attentive mother with plenty of milk. Yarn from her fleece always sells quickly.  She is an outstanding girl.

DOB:  12/18/2010

ARI#  31008853




Daughter of Peruvian Celine and Peruvian Dynamo, Cecilia lives up to their winning combination of fine, dense, crimpy fiber and robust good health.  Although unproven, there is no reason to doubt that Cecilia will be as good of producer as her mother and sisters.  Cecelia was our favorite of the 2015 crias for her disposition and the cute white spot on her nose!

DOB: 08/13/2015

ARI # 32775846



This girl is a beauty.  She was the only cria born on our farm in 2013 as we changed the "cria schedule" from fall to spring - but that did not keep Cleo from trying to keep up with the older crias.  She is a lovely maiden with wonderful dense, crimpy fiber - worthy of her Peruvian heritage from Avanti & Celebrity.

DOB: 6/23/2013

ARI # 32775884




'Stunning!  Tessa is the beautiful dark brown daughter of Snowmass Enlightenment.  She has dense, crimpy, fine, uniform fleece.  Her conformation, coverage, and carriage are perfect.  She has loads of grey in her pedigree and could easily produce a grey.  She is our PR critter for visitors to the farm and is usually quite patient - especially with children.

DOB: 8/29/2012

ARI # 32494761





Daughter of Snowmass Silver Spirit and Granddaughter of Snowmass Peruvian Casanova, Lolita is an attentive dam, easy deliveries and plenty of milk. Easy going disposition. She provides robust color to her crias as well as her cooperative disposition and fine fiber.


ARI # 30860278



Lovely Libby is the daughter of Royal Rose's Maximum and Spirit's Lolita (a Snowmass daughter.) Libby's lovely dark fawn fiber is dense and has plenty of crimp and uniformity.  She is a friendly girl, easy to handle, with a consistently good disposition. Though unproven, she should throw good color (rose grey mom) and mom & auntie have unassisted births and plenty at the milk bar.

DOB: 6/13/2015

ARI # 32775853



Piper is an exquisite girl with dark brown torso and true black feet and nose.  A stunner.  Her fiber is lush like her sire's and fine like her dam's.  She is a super gorgeous gal, easy to handle.

DOB: 6/1/2015

ARI #32775976



This beautiful, gentle granddaughter of Caligula is the mother of 4 members of our herd. Diana produces large, healthy cria, is an attentive mother with ample milk. Her crias have dense, fine, crimpy fleeces - and, like their mother, they are friendly and easy to work with.  Diana, even at eleven years old, has wonderfully fine and dense fiber.

DOB: 3/1/2007

ARI # 0903128


Celebrity is a beauty worthy of her renowned ancestry.  Daughter of Apollo, granddaughter of Royal Fawn and an Escada - Cimarron match, she sports a dense, crimpy fiber.  Celebrity is an easy birther, attentive mother and has plenty of milk for her cria.  She comes with a breeding to any of our males.

DOB: 1/6/2011

ARI #32012873

Celebrity and male cra born 8/27/2019.


Beautiful daughter of Tuscans Tuscanator and Maximum's Dori, Della displays a dense, crimpy, luscious fleece and a curious, impish personality.  She is first to the food and first to anything new that happens in her pasture!  Although unproven, she comes from a line of healthy, attentive mothers whose crias  thrive from day one. 

DOB: 6/13/2015

ARI #32775877

$2,000                       SOLD


Dori was the first and the largest alpaca born on our farm.  She is the daughter of White Mountain Diana (a Caligula granddaughter) and Royal Rose's Maximum ( a Snowmass Royal Rose son.)  She is dense, bright, full of crimp with an easy going nature.  She is curious (even more so than a usual alpaca) and she  has engineered some impossible "break-inns" - as long as green grass is involved. An absolute delight.

DOB: 8/21/2012

ARI #32494716 



Daisy is a beauty!  Fine, luscious, plentiful fiber from her mother, White Mountain Diana and her sire, Dynamo. Daisy is a maiden ready to start her breeding career. A younger  sister to Dori, Daisy brings the same bright, crimpy, fine fiber.




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